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Collapse This Category Welcome to WildBread.Networking    
Old Posts Welcome Wagon
Are you new to our Wild Bread book chatroom? Introduce yourself and then pitch right in. We're anxious to get to know you and answer any questions you may have.
127 510 Nov 16 2023
02:56:41 AM
by: amyartgirl Jump to Last Post
Collapse This Category Beginner Breads    
Old Posts 1. Beginner Equipment
Our Beginner Equipment Checklist on p. 25, along with basic kitchen equipment, will get you started on your way to wild-bread success. Items listed are commonly available, but if you can think of some good substitutes, please share.
5 43 Nov 11 2023
4:18:21 PM
by: amyartgirl Jump to Last Post
Old Posts 2. Creating a Wild-Yeast Starter (Mother)
Now that you've gathered up the equipment you need and started a COUNTER MOTHER (pages 28-29), how's she doing? And her name? One of mine is named after my great granny, Hilda Matilda.
50 325 Nov 22 2023
5:35:52 PM
by: MaryJane Jump to Last Post
Old Posts 3. Beginner Batter Breads
The variations of wild-bread batter bread are endless. Square, round, and/or flavored about sums it up. What are some variations that've worked for you? Tried any gluten-free?
29 120 Jan 26 2024
12:37:36 PM
by: MaryJane Jump to Last Post
Old Posts 4. Beginner Dutch-Oven Breads
Your first handsome loaf of Beginner Dutch-Oven Bread will forever be memorable. Photos, please!
4 17 Jun 18 2020
11:17:37 AM
by: Ashley Jump to Last Post
Old Posts 5. Beginner Rolls
How'd they turn out? Did you slather them in buttah? All warm and comforting?
4 16 Jun 24 2020
2:53:32 PM
by: JoyceB Jump to Last Post
Old Posts 6. Pizza Crust
Okay, what's the best combo of pizza toppings you've ever flung a lip over?
1 6 Jun 01 2020
06:22:18 AM
by: Ashley Jump to Last Post
Old Posts 7. English Muffins
Who doesn't think English Muffins make a breakfast? Maybe it's their slightly chewy texture that's soft at the same time it's also delicate and classy? Maybe it's the butter welled up in the eyes of an English Muffin? Maybe it's the jam? Ah, yes, strawberry. Raspberry? Maybe honey. Or cinnamon and sugar. Are English Muffins top of your list now for what you want to bake next?
6 31 Apr 21 2022
09:22:19 AM
by: Ashley Jump to Last Post
Old Posts 8. Fruit & Nut Crackers
What are some variations you've come up with? Here at the farm, we're convinced we may never see the end of combinations we're able to dream up for the endlessly versatile wild-bread cracker.
2 8 May 24 2019
09:05:23 AM
by: MaryJane Jump to Last Post
Collapse This Category Advanced Breads    
Old Posts 1. Advanced Equipment
Our Advanced Equipment Checklist on p. 61, along with basic kitchen equipment, will get you through the advanced section of our Wild Bread book. For a more detailed discussion, see Section 5, Equipment, p. 200. If you're already making bread, much of what is on our list is probably already in your kitchen. Feedback welcome!
1 6 May 13 2020
09:14:37 AM
by: Ashley Jump to Last Post
Old Posts 2. Refrigerator Mother
Using the instructions on p. 58-59, you've determined you can take a step back from the daily care of your counter mother and turn her into a REFRIGERATOR MOTHER because she's finally ready for more advanced bread making. But just to make sure, did she double in height in 3 hours?
19 75 May 03 2021
09:15:53 AM
by: Ashley Jump to Last Post
Old Posts 3. Advanced French Breads
How'd you do in the French Bread realm? What have you tackled so far? Batards? Boule Epi? Ficelle? Fougasse? Pain De Mie (Pullman Loaf)? Brioche? Have you mastered wild-bread Croissants yet? Do share!
10 63 Mar 17 2022
10:39:42 AM
by: Ashley Jump to Last Post
Old Posts 4. Advanced Italian Breads
Ciabattas grabbed us and never let go. Same with Focaccias, Calzones, Scali, Strombolis, and Braided Breadsticks. Don't be shy. We'd love to see your Italian creations.
4 7 Jan 27 2019
10:32:07 AM
by: Ashley Jump to Last Post
Old Posts 5. Advanced Cast-Iron Breads
We'd love to see your re-creation of the Advanced Skillet Bread on the front cover of Wild Bread. How'd your Advanced Dutch-Oven Bread turn out? What's your favorite flour to use for making cast-iron breads? Any tips? And wouldn't you know it, if you're thinking your cast-iron piece needs to be re-seasoned, there's a mighty good tutorial in MaryJane's Cast Iron Kitchen book.
8 22 Dec 20 2023
07:28:34 AM
by: MaryJane Jump to Last Post
Old Posts 6. Advanced Bagels and more ...
Who doesn't love a Bagel? Have you tried our Greek version, Koulouri? How about the Yiddish Bialy that's in a class all its own (kinda, sorta, but not really a bagel)? And when it comes to ceremonial breads, Challah (enriched with eggs and a little bit of sweetener) makes any table festive. Or you can pretend you're in Wales and enjoy a slightly sweetened loaf of Bara Brith.
11 67 Oct 27 2021
09:03:01 AM
by: Ashley Jump to Last Post
Old Posts 7. How about some Advanced down-home loafin'?
Soft Pretzels dipped in mustard tops our Advanced loafin' list? After that, it's all about Sandwich Bread, Hamburger Buns, Parker House Rolls (divine), Flatbread, Pull-Apart Pumpkin Loaves, and Rustic Rye. Are there any others you can think of? Do show. And tell! Tips? Shortcuts? We can never get enough.
16 77 Nov 09 2022
08:22:36 AM
by: Ashley Jump to Last Post
Old Posts 8. Bread Machine Loaves
What are some of the different flours you've played around with using the recipes in our Advanced Bread-Machine section on p. 164? Have you tried gluten-free yet? What kind of machine do you have?
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Collapse This Category Quick & Easy Sourdough-Enhanced Treats    
Old Posts 1. Pancakes & Waffles
What are your favorite additions or toppings for Pancakes and Waffles? I like adding a dollop of cottage cheese to batches of pancakes. And my favorite flour for making waffles is quinoa.
3 10 Jun 25 2020
08:35:45 AM
by: gmsantos Jump to Last Post
Old Posts 2. Muffins
What's your favorite, savory or sweet? Other than our lemon/raspberry and pesto versions, what are some sourdough-enhanced muffin concoctions you've tried?
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Old Posts 3. Panbread Bites
Beyond kale dip, have you come up with anything else for dipping Panbread Bites into?
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Old Posts 4. Cakes and Doughnuts
Variations for cakes and doughnuts seem endless. What are some ideas you've tried?
2 3 Jul 13 2020
09:33:33 AM
by: Ashley Jump to Last Post
Collapse This Category Let's Talk Flour    
Old Posts Flour Storage
1 3 Mar 12 2018
09:29:18 AM
by: YellowRose Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Gluten-Free Flours
2 3 Oct 14 2023
05:44:32 AM
by: MaryJane Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Heirloom Flours
4 15 Oct 12 2023
06:30:54 AM
by: MaryJane Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Sprouted Flours
1 4 May 24 2019
11:02:50 PM
by: RoslynSim Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Wheat Flours (whole & white)
7 23 Sep 22 2022
2:51:10 PM
by: Sylvia Jacobus Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Wild Rice, Rye, Teff, Spelt, Triticale, etcetera
2 7 Oct 22 2020
2:20:29 PM
by: Darlene Jump to Last Post
Expand This Category Equipment Details (pages 200-209)    
Collapse This Category Ashley's DON'T-do LIST    
For more detailed finger-shaking, don't neglect to click on "Read More".
1. DON'T RUSH THE PROCESS. This applies to everything from getting your mother started, to rising bread, to getting your mother established enough to convert your counter mother to a refrigerator mother. Read More
2. DON'T USE ANY OLE TAP WATER. Until you can get it tested to make sure it's pure, use either distilled or purified water. Trust us on this one. Read More
3. DON'T USE ANY OLE FLOUR. Choose one of the high-quality flours recommended in our Wild Bread book. Read More
4. DON'T FORGET TO CLEAN. Remember to give your mother a fresh towel on weekly Bake Days, and more often, as needed. Read More
5. DON'T SKIP FEEDINGS. It's incredibly important to feed your counter mother 2x/day. Read More
6. DON'T DO THE WORST AND HOPE FOR THE BEST. When it comes to your mother, remember, she's a living, breathing organism that needs maintenance and care. Read More
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Collapse This Category Wild Bread Products FOR SALE    
Visit BFM Organic Rice Starch BFM Organic Rice Starch
Visit BFM Organic White Flour, Specialty Unbleached BFM Organic White Flour, Specialty Unbleached
Visit Flour-sack Apron Pattern Flour-sack Apron Pattern
Visit Wild Bread book by MaryJane Butters Wild Bread book by MaryJane Butters
Collapse This Category Bread-Dough Cloth & Gift Ideas    
Old Posts Show off your wild-bread gifts. Share gift ideas.
7 24 Apr 07 2018
3:25:47 PM
by: MaryJane Jump to Last Post
Collapse This Category Daily Chit-Chat & Weather Report    
Old Posts How's your mother liking your weather?
From mild and balmy to wild and wacky, what’s going on in your world today?
68 202 Nov 07 2019
09:27:57 AM
by: Ashley Jump to Last Post
Collapse This Category Wild Bread, Book II Recipes    
Category Locked Why stop with just one book?
As we continue to play and finalize more recipes, we decided to plug them into our existing book format and post them here. We doubt we'll have the time to test all eight of our suggested flours for each recipe, but this way you can join in on the fun we're having.
3 3 Aug 17 2018
11:32:45 AM
by: Ashley Jump to Last Post
Collapse This Category Spotlight!    
Old Posts Meet Our Featured Bread Maker
1 2 Mar 15 2020
5:25:49 PM
by: 2loves4furbabes@gmail.com Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Reader Recipes
Enjoy recipes from members of our wild bread networking community. (Your own recipes and ideas only, please.)
2 8 Apr 30 2022
09:03:36 AM
by: Sylvia Jacobus Jump to Last Post
Collapse This Category We're Here for You    
Old Posts Posting Photos and Videos
It's easy-peasy. Find out how in the FAQ.
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Old Posts Technical Support
Post here if you have problems or questions related to the use of this chatroom.
3 3 May 05 2020
05:33:01 AM
by: Joancc Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Practice Area
This is the place that gives you a chance to become more familiar with how to use certain features so you can keep testing them in one place until you get it right. Hang in there. You'll get it.
6 9 Jul 25 2019
09:59:39 AM
by: Tjb3 Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Help!
If you're unsure where on our chatroom to post what's on your mind or you have ideas for improving our chatroom, post it here. We're happy, no, we're honored to be able to lend a hand with whatever you may need.
12 62 Oct 10 2022
10:08:20 AM
by: Ashley Jump to Last Post
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